Snapple's New Watermelon Lemonade Tastes Like a Jolly Rancher

Published 04-02-2019

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Lemonade and tropical fruits are practically synonymous with summer. Just in time for those warm days, Snapple has released three all-new lemonade drinks. The beverage brand already offers regular and pink lemonades, which are now joined by strawberry pineapple, watermelon and black cherry. Thanks to the folks over at Snapple, The Daily Meal was able to take the new flavors for a test drive and, well, you better buckle up.

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Regarding watermelon, we've got three words for you: liquid Jolly Rancher. If you were to take the pink candy and melt it down, it'd smell and taste just like this. Except the drink is way more refreshing and it doesn't feel like it'll rot your teeth on impact. That is not a knock against Jolly Ranchers. Those things rock.

Cherry was very cough drop-y, but here's our dilemma: Do all things cherry-flavored taste like cough drops due to the simple fact that most cough drops are cherry-flavored? (Say that 10 times fast.) This drink is not harsh, though. In fact, it's surprisingly drinkable, and one editor even professed to like this one best.

The strawberry pineapple flavor is extremely sweet and tart. It took us back a bit, which is surprising because we typically enjoy traditional strawberry lemonade. It's definitely the pineapple that's most pungent and kind of sends you reeling. If you like that, then more power to you.

Snapple's new lemonade flavors are available now at retailers like Target and Walmart. We've also spotted them at our local corner stores in New York City. It's likely that they're also on shelves at the best grocery store in your state.

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